The week ahead.. October 1st

Hey Old Cityzens!

It was great to see so many people at the picnic today. There was some cornhole, Spikeball, frisbee, getting the frisbee out of the tree, judging the workout of a random couple at the park, Sean demonstrating functional fitness by jumping over a bench – AND NOT SPILLING HIS BEER! – and then judging Jordan’s air squats – full extension or nah? This is probably a preview of what December’s holiday party will look like… and this was tame!

Congrats to everyone who participated in the SuperFit Games on Saturday at Trident CrossFit! Way to represent!

I’m probably going to be repeating a bunch of stuff that will be mentioned in the newsletter that will be sent out Monday, so here’s a quick run down..

– Holiday party Saturday, December 15th
– 2 girl WODs this month – Annie and Cindy
– Halloween.. dress up for the workout
– H Street festival – fill out THIS FORM if you want to help out on Saturday, October 13th.
– Any leftover clothes by the cubbies will be put in a ‘lost and found’ bin by our makeshift coat rack. At the end of the month you can claim anything you want, otherwise it will be tossed.
– Bottle clean up is happening NOW. If you keep a bottle on the cubbies it will be in a bin. If you want to keep it, move it from the bin back onto the RIGHT SIDE of the cubbies. Next Friday what’s left in the bin will be tossed.

If I missed anything, check the Facebook Group, newsletter, or next week’s weekly post.

Now let’s see what’s coming up this week..

Monday – This is a special workout for 7AM regular Pete Sui who is having heart surgery today. He is affectionately known as “80% Pete” and the reps add up to 80. See the blog post for more info.

– Olympic lifting, snatches, with more snatches and some running.

– Deadlift day (get used to this the next 4 weeks) as well as a little triplet just to keep you moving.

– Double strength – thrusters and dumbbell rows. BRO SESH!!

– A little push/pull workout with a “Fight Gone Bad” look to it.

– Front squat 1RM followed by a little triplet that includes some pistols, which we haven’t done in awhile.

– Open gym + gainz club + Hero WOD + yoga

Let’s have another great week!

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