Hey Old Cityzens!

What an awesome weekend! Can you believe the weather we’ve been having?? It’s nuts! But I’ll take it! Hold off on the cold just a *little* bit longer, please, Mother Nature. *thumbs up*

Couple announcements/reminders before getting to the layout for the week.


We still have a noice selection of tshirts and hoodies available. The Ts for looking fresh inside and outside of the gym. And those hoodies to stay warm when the temps start to dip again. I feel like a member of the T-Birds or Pink Ladies (“Grease” reference for the kids) when the AM peeps walk in all matchy-matchy.

Veteran’s Day
Wednesday – Armistice Day – is a federal holiday, and we will keep our same class schedule. As with voting – come early, come often! (too soon to make that joke? 😉 )

Referral Bonus!
Give $200, Get $200
For the month of November, we are doubling the referral bonus to $200! Anytime you refer a friend to the gym, and they sign up for a monthly membership, you will receive $200 off your next bill. And your friend will receive $200 off their 2nd month’s bill! There is no limit to how many times you can receive the referral bonus, so start recruiting all of your friends, and show them what Old City is all about.

*and with your money saved, see above about available merch 😉

Okay… let’s move on and see what’s coming up this week..

Monday – Long workout with hint a “Fight Gone Bad!”

Tuesday – Pistol skill work *and* pistols in the workout – double the fun! We’ve got some V-ups and snatches, too.

Wednesday – Today would be our double strength day. We’ve got somme hang cleans the start things off followed by a memorial WOD.

Thursday – And our second long workout of the week – some toes to bar and double unders, so bring your jump ropes!

Friday – Deadlifts of the sumo style – switching it up a bit. Couplet to round out the day of KB swings and dips.

– Strict press heavy 3 followed by some rowing max effort attempts. No it’s not a 5k or 10k row.

Sunday – Rest day! For real.. rest! Take a day off. Chill. Let your body relax and recover and get ready to goooo! on Monday.

Let’s have another great week!