Hey Old Cityzens!

I hope everyone had great weekend.

So much happened in sports! The Astors won the World Series.. but I like to think of it as Bryce Harper losing. Ovi set the NHL record for most goals scored with one franchise, netting his 787th career goal.. while losing to the Coyotes (shh!!) And the Commanders are still owned by Dan Synder.

I was looking for jokes about the Fall, kids, sports, or something a bit crude because that’s what I do. And I couldn’t find any good ones. But if I ever run out of fun kids jokes… we’ve always got Daylight Saving Time puns to fall back on.

November Newsletter

You received it on Tuesday, right?? NO!!? Well, lucky you! You can still read it online HERE. And be sure to email Kara so she can check to make sure that you’re on the email list, or confirm that you did receive it, and opened it at 7:57pm for 3 seconds. She’s a spy.


Let’s see what’s coming up THIS week..


Monday – Old City Benchmark WOD #4 – all the hip extension with SDLHP, BJ, and PP.

Tuesday – Back squat strength for a heavy 5 with some bike sprints and wall ball.

Wednesday – Some more snatch grip deadlifts followed by jumping rope (double AND single unders) and snatches.

Thursday – Long workout today with running, KB swings, and dips.

Friday – Bench press (with a barbell, not DBs) for strength, followed by a Veterans Day tribute WOD.

Saturday – Challenging partner workout with handstand push ups, box jumps, and back squats!

Sunday – Rest Day! Phew! We also have Yoga at 10am and Gainz Club at 11am. Otherwise, try to relax a bit, and we’ll see you back in the gym tomorrow!

Let’s have another great week! And VOTE!