Hey Old Cityzens!

A little chill in the air this weekend! Got the hats, gloves, and layers unpacked this weekend. Yknow, if you’re ever feeling cold, go stand in the corner – it’s 90 degrees.

Just Strong Open

The DMV’s only Olympic weightlifting competition for female athletes is back! The ultimate goal of this competition is to increase female exposure to the sport of Olympic weightlifting and to grow female weightlifting participation in the local DMV area. The event is at CrossFit DC’s NW location – 1507 U Street NW.

The first session is non-sanctioned, so there will be no weigh-ins, and you don’t have to wear a singlet. It is a great way to compete on a platform, but with less stress.

You can register here.

Thanksgiving Class Schedule

This hits *next* week, but questions always start early..
Wednesday, Nov. 24th: 5am, 6am, 7am & 12pm classes ONLY
Thursday, Nov. 25th: CLOSED Unofficial, non-USATF certified/sanctioned 5k run or row. More deets coming soon!
Friday, Nov. 26th: 11am – 1pm Open Gym ONLY
Saturday, Nov. 27th: 9 – 11am Open Gym ONLY
Sunday, Nov. 29th: CLOSED

On the open gym days, the coach that day will have a short, medium, and long workout posted on the board for you to do if you have NO IDEA what to do and need some direction. We got you!!

Member Referral Bonus
For the month of November, we are doubling the referral bonus to $200! Anytime you refer a friend to the gym, and they sign up for a monthly membership, you will receive $200 off your next bill, and your friend will receive $200 off their 2nd month’s bill. There is no limit to how many times you can receive the referral bonus, so start recruiting all of your friends!

Member Spotlight

And from time to time we give you a shout out on the ‘gram. You all continue to amaze us with your daily, weekly, and monthly growth, that we like to make sure the it’s shared via the interwebs with the world.

And keep an eye on our Instagram page for more shout outs and other great content.

Let’s see what’s coming up this week..


Monday – Long workout to start off the week with some sprinting, toes to bar, and deadlifts.

Tuesday – Single leg workout with step ups for strength followed by swings and goblet squats.

Wednesday – Deadlift day with some bike sprints. Oohh! Been awhile since we’ve done those!

Thursday – Benchmark WOD for the month “Elizabeth” to start off the day. Use the time afterwards for some GOAT work, aka skill work, on a weighted and gymnastics movement, alternating movements each minute.

Friday – Double strength day with a snatch focus followed by some behind the neck push press and DB rows. And curls! My goodness, always end the week with some bicep curls whether coach remembers or not.

Saturday – Some push/pull/squat work, with some Turkish Get ups and pull ups.

Sunday – Rest Day! Phew!! You made it! Relax, and we’ll see you back in the gym tomorrow!

Let’s have another great week!