The week ahead.. November 12th

Hey Old Cityzens!

First off, reminder that we have our regular schedule of classes on Monday, November 12th. It is the observed federal holiday for Veteran’s Day and government is closed, but we are open! Except there’s no 8AM class.

What a great, fall weekend to get outside! I hope you had a chance to partake in the sunshine even if it was a bit cool outside. Whenever you are out and about, make sure you tag Old City CrossFit (@oldcitycrossfit) in your social media posts so we can see when you put your fitness in the gym to use outside of the gym. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a running race or sports or working out, we want to see the real life application of CrossFit, such as hauling bags of groceries, playing with your kids (niece/nephew), trail work, etc. In addition to the gainz in the gym, we want to see you making some gainz in life!

However, speaking of running races, there is currently a loose plan to run a 5K Thanksgiving morning from the gym. We had a good turn out last year, and are hoping for the same again this year. More information to come!

Early note about our schedule next weekend
November 21st – AM normal, PM no 6:30 or 7:30pm classes
November 22nd – CLOSED. EAT. RUN
November 23rd – 25th – Open gym 9AM-11AM
November 25th – Gainz club 11am-12:30pm; No evening classes

Enough with the announcements, let’s see what we have coming up this week..

– Olympic lifting day with power cleans. There are more power cleans to follow in the HeroWOD to round out the day.

Tuesday – Deadlift for 5. Here’s another shot to add weight to the bar. Push/squat EMOM follows.

– Double day with a shoulder press complex and weighted pull ups. Snatches, on snatches, on snatches to cashout.

Thursday – Ooh.. bring your ropes, your ball pickin’ up strength, and gymnastic skills on the bar.

Friday – Squatting heavy 5 today, with a couplet of cleans and handstand push ups

– Another long doozy of a workout. Nice little chipper with some running, bodyweight work, core work, and strength work packaged up sandwich style.

Sunday – Open gym +

Let’s have another great week!

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