Hey Old Cityzens!

The 2020 CrossFit Open is in the books! It’s done! We made it! It seems weird to call it The Open of 2020 when we’re still crushing 2019, but I hope these last 5 weeks opened your eyes to skills, strengths, and movements that you still need some work on. It’s never too late to start, either. We have 41 days left in 2019 – IN THIS DECADE – so let’s make the most of it. Start making those changes this week.

Monday – Federal Holiday – Same Schedule

First off, normal schedule on Monday even though it is Veteran’s Day. So if you’re going to do two things on Monday, thank a member of the military for their service and come to class.


We have a new class on Sunday afternoon. Over the summer coach Rachel took the reins of the Gainz Club and put her own twist on it with a more metcon/conditioning focus to get us ready for the Open. Recently, that 11:00-12:30 timeslot after open gym returned to its normal strength bias, but we’ve brought Rachel and her methods back in the afternoon on Sunday. Through the end of the year, WODTrain will take place from 3:30-5:00pm on Sunday before the Hero WOD. This is a faster paced class with multiple WODs and skill movements, but still scalable for all members and abilities. We will do our best to get programming for both Gainz and WT posted in the FB Community group and in Instagram Stories the night before. And if you can ‘reserve’ your spot for WODTrain the night before via the ZenPlanner app, that would be helpful with programming as there are some partner workouts. There is no cap on the number of people who can attend, it’s just helpful for planning purposes.

**Please keep in mind that Gainz, WODTrain, and the HeroWOD are separate from our Monday through Saturday programming. So it’s very possible you’ll see the same movements back to back. It is also not recommended you attend all three classes on Sunday. If you want to double up anything, do one of these and yoga in the evening. Rest/active recovery days and even a complete day or two away from the gym are also advised. More is not better.

As someone who doubled up on open gym and WODtrain today, I should take my own advice 😉

Let’s see what’s coming up this week so we can plan our workout schedule and day(s) off..

– Deadlifts and a tribute workout for Veteran’s Day.

Tuesday – Bench press and some kettlebell work. Putting to use some skill work.

Wednesday – Partner workout on our first long day. Say.. it has been awhile since we done some Devils Presses.

Thursday – Thrusters for strength followed by a triplet that will put to use the hand release push ups form 20.3. I’m already practicing my ‘NO REP’ form if I see any snaking up.

Friday NOT a CrossFit Open workout.. Instead, we have our double strength day with front squats and step back lunges from the rack. BOOTY. BUILDING.

Saturday – Our second long workout has you alternating double unders and four barbell movements for three rounds. It’s a doozy!

Sunday – Open gym + Gainz Club + WODTrain + HeroWOD + Yoga

Let’s have another great week!