Hey Old Cityzens!

I hope everyone had great weekend and spent some time outside, as well as reflecting and remembering since it is a holiday weekend. Here are some facts you may not know about Memorial Day.

Memorial Day Murph

The only classes running on Monday will be the Hero WOD “Murph” and 8am and 9:30am. This will run like a class with a coach led warm up and suggestions for scaling. Yoga instructor Leela will lead some post-Murph stretching/recovery flow after both sessions.

Pride Shirts!

The long awaited, much anticipated pride shirts and tanks have been delivered. Coach Jen will have them in the gym starting Tuesday. They are $30 each.

June Newsletter

You’ll see this in your inbox on Wednesday, so I’m going to keep this short because that will have all the updates for the month including programming, events, and other announcements.


Let’s see what’s coming up THIS week..


Monday – Hero WOD “Murph”. Classes at 8am and 9:30am

Tuesday – Push/pull/core work followed by a modified version of Open WOD 22.1.

Wednesday – Double strength with more high rep back squats, dips, and heavy dball carries.

Thursday – A long workout taking parts of 3 girl WODs – Annie, Karen, and Eva.

Friday – Power snatches (EMOM style) followed by thrusters and toes to bar.

Saturday – Sumo style deadlifts for strength, with sumo deadlift high pulls, burpees, and push press in the following WOD.

Sunday – Rest Day! Phew! Take care of your body! Relax, and we’ll see you back in the gym tomorrow!

Let’s have another great week!