Hey Old Cityzens!

April showers brought us May flowers, and all the pollen and allergies that comes with the changing season. Pollen happens when flowers can’t keep it in their plants.

*sad trombone*

May Newsletter

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Sunday Yoga!

Sunday, 10:30 AM with Leela Orbidan. Sign up in ZenPlanner! Spots are limited (15).

All the deets are in the newsletter, so check that out for updates on programming, our cultural event this month, member spotlight, and more!


Let’s see what’s coming up THIS week..


Monday – Push/pull/core strength work – a new twist on the gymnastics days. DB complex with devil’s press, jerks, and lunges.

Tuesday – Back squats on the minute and dips.

Wednesday – Long workout with pistols, power cleans, and pull ups.

Thursday – Snatches and Benchmark WOD #1

Friday – Deadlifts and some active recovery work to help our bodies heal.

Saturday – Long workout with front squats, double unders, and burpees.

Sunday – Rest Day! Phew! Take care of your body! Relax, and we’ll see you back in the gym tomorrow!

Let’s have another great week!