Hey Old Cityzens!

Hope you had another great weekend – masked or unmasked! Which is a great segue into this week’s announcements.

Mask UP!
Quick reminder that masks are still required in the gym at all times. Until DC changes the policy for mask requirements in the gym, we’re still going by their recommendations. CDC still says default to the policy of local jurisdictions, which is what we’re doing. With that said, if you have a hard time catching your breath and need to remove your mask, please step outside to do so.

Open gym v CrossFit class
Reminder that we have switched back to our original class schedule – open gym only times happening Mon – Fri from 6:30-7:30p, and on weekends from 11a-1p (two different 1-hour long time slots). CrossFit classes are for CrossFit. It’s at the coaches discretion, and as space allows, for you to stay after a class you attended to do any additional skill work – mobility work, gymnastics, etc.

Can’t make it to class? Want to workout from home, but you miss the camaraderie of a class. You’re in luck! We’re still running ZoomWODs every M/W/F at 5:15pm. These are coach-led workouts, which means that the ever faithful Coach Jess is there to do the workout WITH you instead of coaching you through it. These workouts are usually a modified version of what we do in class, and require 1-2 dumbbells, or some sort of weight, such as a bag with books in them, and some space to jump/move around. You can do them if you don’t have any weight, either! It’s easy to modify them to what you have/or don’t have available.

You can find them listed on Zen Planner and on the website under the daily blog posts. This gives you a chance to workout if you’re traveling, and if you miss a class. Link to the Zoom Workouts can be found HERE and linked above.

The Hero WOD “Murph” will take place on Monday, May 31st (Memorial Day) where we’ll have two class times – 8am and 10am. Classes are open to 25 people in each time slot, and you can sign up in ZenPlanner starting NOW. Reserve your spot and get ready to GOOO!!

And Coach will lead a completely outdoor version at Brentwood Hamilton Park at 9am. And unlike last year, there will not be 400 sit ups as a scale for the 100 pull ups.

Now let’s see what’s coming up this week..

Monday – Double strength day with some split snatches, and singled dumbbell overhead work.

Tuesday – Long workout bringing back the wall walks from Open WOD 21.1 and some heavy cleans.

Wednesday – Back squats with a FIVE second descent this week. OOf! Gonna have partners time you, too. Look out for some heavy swings and burpee box jumps, too.

Thursday – Our push/pull/squat day gets you inverted and doing some split squats. Push presses that you’ll see for strength on Saturday will pop up in the workout.

Friday – Karen!! We’ll save time for after the workout for some EMOM skill work, alternating a gymnastics/unweighted movement, and a weighted movement. Work on those weaknesses!

– As mentioned on Thursday, you’ll see push press for strength, followed by some DB deadlifts and farmer’s carries.

Sunday – Rest Day! Relax, and we’ll see you back in the gym tomorrow!

Let’s have another great week!