Hey Old Cityzens!

Before this gets lost in the announcements – girl WOD “Diane” is this week! Okay, now you can ignore the rest…

I wanted to start off the post by giving a few shout outs to some of our members. I like to make sure people are doing things outside of the gym, and there was some of that going on the past weekend.

Sherry Y completed the Spartan Race at Nats Park on Saturday. You can read her recap on the Old City Community Group on Facebook.

Katie R and Kayla W attended the Power Monkey Fitness Camp in Tennessee. Ask them how fun, intensive, and overwhelming it was to be surrounded by such awesome coaches and like-minded people.

I know a number of years ago, Myra attended a MoveNat workshop in DC.

There’s NO LIMIT to what you can learn – inside or outside of the gym. We strive to help you as much as possible, and we have the 30 minute 1-on-1 sessions to help you if it’s a particular movement you’re working on improving – pull ups, muscle ups, double unders, rowing, snatch, etc. Take advantage of your coaches and what’s offered to you in the city.

This weekend, there’s the Capitol Hill Classic 10k and 3k. It’s another great way to test your fitness. This takes place Sunday morning and will still allow you to get to open gym, gainz club, or brunch (hell, maybe all 3!) afterwards.

Saturday morning is the DC Bike Ride. It’s a 20 mile ride through DC – free of traffic! Wear your helmet, or course, like you do every day when you ride to the gym.. right.. right???

And on Saturday afternoon, we have our Potluck and Games event in Stanton Park. Bring something to share and a game to play and hang out with your fellow Old Cityzens after the bike ride or open gym.

Enough with the announcements, let’s see what’s coming up this week..

– Final session of our unilateral work, and we’re going overhead with the barbell. Workout has some single DB unilateral upper body work, and I tried to sneak in some unilateral lower body work with some box step overs.

Tuesday – Hitting the double strength early in the week with some heavier back squats EMOM style. Wrapping up the day with some Yates barbell rows to build a bigger back.

Wednesday – “Diane” today – deadlifts, and handstand push ups. And as we’ve done on the last 3-4 girl WODs, you’ll get a chance to work on some weaknesses, aka “GOATS”, afterwards.

Thursday – The last of our Olympic ‘touch and go’ lifts, wrapping it up with some power cleans and front squats. Workout has you doing a 2+ clean ladder.

Friday – Bring your jump rope and be ready for our lone, long workout for the week. You’ll see some KB swings and carries, as well as some body weight movements. Preparing for “Murph”? Might be a good day to bust out the weight vest.

Saturday – The past of our press/push press complex. Hopefully you’ve been able to add a little weight each week. And then you’ve got a fun little triplet afterwards with the KB and dball.

Sunday – Open gym + Gainz Club + HeroWOD + Yoga

And I hope you’ve been enjoying the articles, podcasts, music, history lessons, etc, included in every post.

Let’s have another great week!