Hey Old Cityzens!

Lots of stuff happening, and I’m going to be short on announcements because the March newsletter is in your email inbox, so check that out for February round up and a look at what’s coming up for March.

One thing I will say is what an awesome turnout for our friends and family workout on Saturday! Phew! Thanks you to everyone – members, friends and family – for making this first event a memorable one. If you didn’t get a chance to bring a friend on Leap Day, join us Saturday, March 28th for our next event.

Sunday Funday
Yoga will be cancelled this week, but we’re filling the timeslot with a new concept called ‘Sunday Funday’. This is a chance for coaches to step up and show off their skillz and teach members a little something that we might not have time for in class. This week I’m stepping up to the plate and offering members a chance to learn more about rowing technique. What are parts of the erg, parts of the stroke, and how you can become an efficient rower. Space is limited to the number of ergs available, so please sign up before Sunday. Link is in the newsletter. If you have any questions ahead of time, please reach out to me in class or via email. I’m really looking forward to it.

Let’s see what’s coming up this week..

Monday – Deadlifts with the negatives, plus another chance to work on your push ups if you didn’t get enough on Friday.

– Handstand push up skill work (get inverted!), followed by a triplet with DB presses, box jumps, and heavy wall balls.

– Benchmark girl WOD “Nancy”

– Back squats for strength (more negatives!), then some weighted step ups and double unders.

– Double strength day – snatches and overhead lunges EMOM, followed by and EMOM of heel elevated squats. YEESSSS!!! And whenever double strength day land on Friday, I love doing curls to end the day, so make sure you get in some barbell or dumbbell curls before leaving.

– Long workout today and we’ve got some running, pull ups, and putting yesterday’s snatch work to use with some hang power snatches.

– Open gym + Gainz Club + WODTrain + HeroWOD + Rowing clinic!

Let’s have another great week!