Hey Old Cityzens!

I hope you all had a great weekend. Trees are starting to blossom, my allergies are starting to act up.. it’s like things are getting back to normal.

Great job on Open workouts 21.3 AND 21.4. Nothing like Dave Castro throwing the ol’ curveball at us. That trickster! *shaking fist at no one in particular*

Open Scores

Scores are due by 8pm MONDAY night. Need to redo it, or do it for the first time? Cool. Let me know and we’ll get you in the gym. Best time is the 6:30pm class, but we’ll work things out. Make sure you sign up for the class, too!

Reserving Class Time

Speaking of signing up for the class, reminder to sign up/reserve your spot for when you plan to workout. Yes, we have an open gym policy, for all classes, but we’re still requiring you to sign up ahead of time. Additionally, the workout is being coached in each class. If you want to do something else, that’s great. Just give the Coach a heads up when you arrive.

Previously you had an hour before the class closed, now you have up to 30 min before the start of the class to get there. It’s the Coaches discretion to let you in or not if you come to class and haven’t signed up. Even if you’re attending weekend open gym times – the OFFICIAL open gym times at 11a or noon – be sure to sign up if your workout is going to carry you over into the next time slot.

And if you show up more than 15 min into the class hoping to do the workout, you’re on open gym time.

tl;dr – continue to reserve your spot in class. You have until 30 min before the class to do so. Show up on time, too, no matter what, really. And ‘on time’ is ~3-5 min before class starts.

..is coming up! Keep an eye out for it on Thursday, April 1st. The April Newsletter will be chock full of golden nuggets – learn about your fellow Old Cityzens, see what’s happening in the gym, get a preview of the programming from the coming month(s).

We know you love it, and you can use it! BUT! You have to bring your own. Help us keep the floor a little cleaner and try to keep it in check. Carry it in a baggie or small tupperware container to manage any spillage. There are some extra white towels/washcloths in the back coaches room that you can grab to set your block on. Those aren’t in circulation as much as the grey ones, so they can be used for chalk, spills, etc, in addition to the paper towels in the bin at each spot on the floor. Liquid chalk users, that can be a tad messy, too. Again, grab a towel (paper or white one from the back) and use that to catch any droppings. Cleanliness is next to godli… yeah, I’m not gonna finish that sentence.

Instead, let’s see what’s coming up this week..

Monday – Starting off with a long workout of rowing, wall balls, and box jumps.

Tuesday – Single leg strength work of step back lunges, followed by some heavy hang power cleans, and dips – building on last week’s accessory work from double strength day.

Wednesday – Building on more double strength day work, you’ll see a repeat from Feb 18th today with a chance to go heavier with fewer reps on the clean complex. We’ll also get in some jerk (push, not split) work as well.

Thursday – Long workout (no joke!) and you’ll see some snatches, pistols, and double unders.

Friday – Deadlift day! This is what we’ve been building towards for the last 3 months.

– Accessory push/pull/core work. It’s been awhile since we’ve done some heavy carries, so let’s throw those in today.

Sunday – Rest Day! Relax, and we’ll see you back in the gym tomorrow!

It looks to be a leg heavy week. Take care of your gams and yams outside of the gym so you’re well recovered for the next workout. Foam roll, stretch, walk, get in some other form of active recovery.

Let’s have another great week!