Hey Old Cityzens!

We survived the Open! Phew!!Barely! Now it’s back to our regularly scheduled programming on Friday.. until October. That’s right. This was the last time the CrossFit Open will be held in February. The 5-week Open dates are still TBD, but that gives you 6 months to work on your pull ups, chest to bar pull ups, muscles up, handstand push ups, handstand walking, toes to bar, snatches, double unders, and.. and.. and if *only* we had a program for that..

30-Skill sessions
OMG would you look at this! YES! We have 30-min skill sessions with coaches to work with you and set up a program to help you continue your progress towards your goals. Email Coach David and let him know what you want to work on and if you have a coach you’d like to work with to help you achieve your goal(s).

There’s no time like NOW to add a couple goals to the board over by the Assault bikes. We’re coming off a high (low) as you (me) saw your name slip (nosedive) down the leader board week by week (every day *tear*). It can be overwhelming (no shit!) when you start to think of all the areas you’d like to improve. Start small, be specific, put a timecap on what you’re working on. Check back in 3 weeks and see how much you’ve improved. Even 1% over time adds up.

And maybe it’s mobility issues or restrictions that’s keeping you from that solid overhead squat. Check out the classes over at 810! There’s even a F R E E personalized recovery class at 11AM on Saturday. CHECK IT OUT!

I feel like I’m shouting a lot and using too many BOLD/ALL CAPS words, which means it’s probably time to see what’s coming up this week.

Monday – Long, grinding workout. Find a pace, stick with it, protect your already sore hands.

Tuesday – Bench press with some interval work involving KB snatches.

Wednesday – Deadlift day and some sprints on the Assault bike.

Thursday – Double strength day with split snatches and back squat negatives. Count for your partner, and if they come up too soon, that’s a ‘no rep’ and they have to do it again. Finding the right weight here is key.

– No surprises today — OG CrossFit WOD “Filthy Fifty”. Woot!

Saturday – Front squats for strength, then double unders and more front squats. A solid leg day.

– Open gym + Gainz club + HeroWOD + Yoga

Let’s have another great week!