Hey Old Cityzens!

How are you feeling after 21.2? Low back? Legs? For me, oddly enough, it’s my biceps. So, naturally, I’ve been flexing my bis and tris all weekend.. y’know, to help loosen them up.


We have 21.THREE coming up this Friday – the last day of the Open – on this condensed/shortened open season. Reminder that scores need to be submitted by 8pm on MONDAY. Reach out to Coach Jen if you want to schedule a time to repeat the workout before then, or to do it the first time if you can’t make it to class on Friday.

What’s your guess? Thrusters? Pull ups/muscle ups? Deadlifts?

Class Sign-Up
Reminder to sign up for the class(es) you’d liked to attend. We’re still on the ‘open gym’ schedule, which allows up 11 spots in the gym. If you’d like to do your own thing – awesome! – let the coach know. But gym space/equipment is given priority to the class, same with the coach’s time/attention. If you’d like to do multiple classes in a row – usually happens on the weekend – that’s great, too. Again, sign up ahead of time. Sure, the next class might only have 2-5 people signed up and your workout runs over, but we’ve been seeing a lot of last minute ‘walk ins’ when they see the same thing at home and want to squeeze in a quick workout last minute. Secure your spot!

**We are shortening the sign up time from 60 to 30 min before the class.
So if you want to attend the noon class, you can sign up as as late as 11:30am vs by 10:59am.


At the beginning of the year we introduced a 3-month membership scholarships. Since then, SIX people have joined due to YOUR generosity. And we’d like to keep this going!

If you, or someone you know, are interested in trying CrossFit, but have been unable to get started and/or have been negatively impacted by Covid this past year, complete this brief application, and let us know why you deserve one of these 3-month scholarships.

If you would like to share your love of fitness and the Old City community, you can sponsor a membership. Just complete the same form, selected ‘donating’ and we will reach out to you to complete the sponsorship.

Thanks again to al who have donated, and another WELCOME to all the new Old Cityzens.


Let’s see what’s coming up this week..


Monday – Dumbbell push/pull/squat EMOM work followed by a dumbbell workout.

Tuesday – Benchmark Girl WOD “Barbara”. All the bodyweight movements!

Wednesday – Floor press and a barbell complex – move some heavy weights after moving your bodyweight on Tuesday.

Thursday – Double strength with a snatch focus, along with some dips

Friday – CrossFit Open WOD 21.3 – the final workout?? What your thinking.. thrusters and pull ups? Workout will be announced Thursday at 8pm

– Deadlift heavy 3 day. Coming down to the final day.

Sunday – Rest Day! Relax, and we’ll see you back in the gym tomorrow!

Let’s have another great week!