Hey Old Cityzens!

What a crazy weekend, eh?? Such weird weather on Saturday! If you ever find yourself feeling cold, just stand in a corner – it’s 90 degrees.

*Yeah, I’ve used that one before, but it’s a good one!

CrossFit Open

The Open is coming to a close, so make sure you have your scores in correctly. CF is doing something weird now and validating them as soon as you enter them. I’ve seen a lot of tie break times not matching what’s on your sheets. Emails for corrections have been going out, so make sure we get that settled before 8pm on Monday.


March Music Madness
Starting THIS WEEK! Get your playlists in by MONDAY!
Here are the rules:
1) Create a 45-60 min playlist via Spotify or SoundCloud
2) Playlists must be upbeat with a solid tempo. No Enya/Smooth Jazz/etc. All genres are welcome
3) Email a link to your playlist to [email protected] with the subject line: Playlist Entry
4) Submissions will be bracketed into AM and PM divisions
5) Coaches will play 1-2 playlists per class (depending on how many entries we get) and tell you who’s playlist you’re hearing
6) At the end of each week, you can vote for your favorite playlists (though you can’t vote for yourself)
7) Each week, winners will move up to the next bracket! (Possibility for Loser’s brackets depending on the amount of submissions)
8) The winners of the AM and PM bracket will receive ONE FREE MONTH OF MEMBERSHIP


Open Gym Slots
Reminder that we added an open gym slot to every class to give you the opportunity to come in at other times to work on your weaknesses, get in some extra strength work, etc. Coach Jason has been graciously posting plans in the Facebook Community group to give you an idea of what to do. Coaches are there to coach the class, so you need to come in with a plan.

With that said, make sure you’re still treating it like it’s a class and show up on time. If your plans change and you cannot make it once you have signed up, please remove you reservation versus just not showing up. In the future, we will start charging you for the ‘missed class’ if you sign up and don’t show up. It can be confusing sometimes when you reserve a class time, so make sure you’re choosing the class or the open gym time slot.

Let’s see what’s coming up this week..


Monday – Deadlifts with a tempo from 9/20/21 followed by a quick AMRAP with push ups, cleans, and swings.

Tuesday – Long workout with hang power snatches and dips.

Wednesday – Pistol skill work followed by some double unders and box jumps.

Thursday – Double strength day with back squats, strict press, and a return of the super set movement!

Friday – Benchmark girl wod “Grace” and some extra time afterwards for skill work. Maybe the Open has you thinking about working on your wall walks, pull ups, kipping, muscle ups, etc.

Saturday – Legs gon’ get smoked with some front squats and lunges as part of a 20 rounder today.

Sunday – Rest Day! Relax, and we’ll see you back in the gym tomorrow!

Let’s have another great week!