The week ahead.. March 11th

Hey Old Cityzens!

Is it me or does it feel like January lasted 12 weeks and we skipped over February? I’m not complaining about warmer weather on the way or more daylight, but where has this year gone???

We’re already 3 weeks down through the CrossFit Open. It has been great participating in the Friday Night Lights as well as having a great show of support. Two more weeks, y’all!! Keep the momentum going *just* a bit longer.

Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge
Reminder that next month we have Zack H, Jordan K, Kayla W, and Rachel C representing Old City CrossFit. Early bird pricing is good through March 12th. Get your tickets HERE. They will be competing Saturday and Sunday. Join in and cheer them on!

30 min Skill Sessions
Need extra time and instruction to work on pull ups, double unders, deadlifts, rowing, handstand push ups, or one of the other 20-25 movements in CrossFit? Sign up for a 30-min skill session with one of our fine coaches. We’ll give yo some drills to fine tune your technique as well as homework to continue to build on what you learned. Each session is $50. Money well spent!

Old City 810
We also have a lot of great classes going on over at our 810 location. Check out the schedule as well as the Instagram page for updates on workouts every day. There is also yoga Wednesday nights to get your mind right for dealing with that office Chad or Karen or Janet who won’t stop talking about their kids or their cats (sometimes it’s one in the same..) or something else that annoys you.
(*Since I haven’t had to wear regulation pants suitable for an office in over 5 years, I can only assume this is what it’s like. Am I close??)

This is probably a good time to move on and discuss what’s coming up this week.. like our benchmark girl WOD!

Monday – Double strength – power cleans, jerks.

Tuesday – Here’s your girl WOD! I hope you’re not tired of power cleans and jerks, because we have “Grace” today, which is 30 of them for time. Following is a chance to do some skill work, similar to last Thursday. Choose a barbell movement, choose a gymnastics movement, and do 3-5 reps. This isn’t an AMRAP, it’s an EMOM. Maintain these reps throughout.

Wednesday – Front squats and some barbells work. Overhead with snatches this time, not jerks.

Thursday – Chipper today with some biking, dballs, and strict pull ups. Also, use today to mobilize. We’ve got 19.4 on Friday, so give your body some love. No need to bolt out of class; you’ve got 5 minutes. Treat yo self!

Friday – CrossFit Open WOD 19.4 – Announced Thursday at 8PM

Saturday – Deadlifts followed by some DB burpee deadlifts. Deadlifts on deadlifts, baby! to get you better at picking up shit. Get you better at life!

Sunday – Open gym + Gainz Club + HeroWOD + Yoga

Let’s have another great week!


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