Hey Old Cityzens!

Phew!! It’s getting HOT out there! But.. it’s summer in DC, so it’s to be expected, right? Heat advisory the rest of the month.. and then we’re into July. Can you believe it!??!

July Newsletter

If you are a new member to Old City within the month – welcome! At the beginning of each month we send out a newsletter with a member profile, programming preview, and other notables. Keep an eye out for it!

Did you know we have a website??? We also have daily and weekly blog posts – like this one that you can find HERE.. and THIS one – to keep you informed on.. well, daily and weekly happenings. The daily blog post is the workout of the day (WOD) that usually has some helpful (or not! you be the judge!) tips on the workout, as well as video links to movements if you’re not sure what it all means just yet.

“What is this newsletter you speak of??”

If you *have* been a member for awhile and don’t recall receiving a newsletter recently, then we’ve got a few things for you to do. Number 1 – check your spam folder or Promotions folder. Maybe it went to a different folder, or you deleted it on accident. Number 2 – check again. No seriously. Look for an email from Sean on the first of the month, or search for the word ‘Newsletter’. Number 3 – send an email to Kara at [email protected] to make sure you get on the list.

AARP Video Series
Big thanks to everyone that participated in the filming of the video series we did with AARP last month. The FINAL video will go live on their website THIS Thursday, July 1st at 6:30pm. Please spread the word to anyone that may be interested!

Check out the AARP Live Stream page on YouTube and follow along. Smash the like and subscribe buttons, too!

Weekend Schedule
This is a holiday weekend, and Independence Day will be officially observed on Monday. Old City Mgmt said.. “y’all are awesome, so I’m gonna give you ANOTHER day off”, so we’ll be closed on Saturday, July 3rd and Monday, July 5th. Okay.. I might’ve paraphrased that conversation. But time off for us makes us better coaches for you, and we’re all appreciative of the time you give to us in the gym.

Oh.. and no 8AM class this Thursday, either.

Weekly Musings

1. Pronated vs Supinated hand position – when do we use these different positions on the barbell and on the rig?

2. Concave vs convex – where do you see these shapes (body) in CrossFit?

3. Instagram peep to follow for at-home shoulder, glute, core, and mobility work – Meghan Callaway


Let’s see what’s coming up this week..


Monday – Back squats with some tempo and pace work followed by sprinting and deadlifts

Tuesday – Handstand push up work working in some wall walks and DB snatches. Bring your jump ropes, too.

Wednesday – Long workout today pair an animal with a benchmark girl WOD. Hmmm…

Thursday – Back to some weighted step ups followed by tabata work with the dball

Friday – Snatches to wrap the week along with some dips, glute bridges, and bicep curls. #hotgirlsummer

– CLOSED! BUT!! There’s still some work for you to do. Check out the posting Friday night.

Sunday – Rest Day! Relax, and we’ll see you back in the gym TUESDAY! *because we’re closed again on Monday*

Let’s have another great week!