Hey Old Cityzens!

It was great to see so many people participating in Sean Chua’s last coached workout Sunday night and at Haymaker. He’s not gone *just* yet, so there’s still a chance to catch him and Katie Q in the gym and give them a final goodbye.

And hopefully you have an itch for some more Girl WODS since we’re kicking off August with our first of TWO girl WODs this month on Friday. We’re making some *slight* changes to the strength programming as well that you’ll read more about in the August newsletter that will be coming out on Thursday. Ya, can you believe it’s already August?

OmG, wHeRe HaS tHe SuMmEr GoNe It FlEw By.

The changes aren’t drastic and, frankly, I think you’ll like them. As I already said, we’ll be doing two Girl WODs this month, and if you like squatting, we’ll be back squatting 2x a week. It’s looking to be a leg/squatting intensive week, so buckle up!

One quick reminder that we’ll be watching the final events of the CrossFit Games Sunday, August 4th as our August event. The Hero WOD will be cancelled. Yoga.. TBD. The Games start on Thursday and the first workout – still yet to be announced – will cut the number of participants in half! Phew! Not literally, of course.. but that would be an awesome first workout. Any guesses on what it might be? Murph? A Girl WOD? Run a 10k? CrossFit Total?

While you’re thinking about that, let’s see what’s coming up this week..

Monday – Knocking out our double strength day early. Working on some power snatch/overhead squat combo for 3s, then some good ol’ Yates Rows.

– Long workout day, but I won’t say ‘not a strength day’ since we’ve got ‘heavy Chief’ paired with some double unders. It’s only power cleans, nbd.

– Back to lifting heavy with some back squats. We’ll get in some rowing interval work along with some heavy KB swings.

– It’s been awhile since we did the strict press/push press complex, but you’ll see it every 2 weeks (3x). Today it’s followed by a triplet of wall balls, box jumps, and pull ups. Seems unassuming, right?

– Wrapping up the week with the benchmark Girl WOD “Elizabeth”. This workout is written as ‘cleans’, and we’ve sometimes given you the option of power or squat, but today it will be squat cleans. Afterwards, there will be built in time, run on the EMOM format, to do some skill work.

– Our second of 2 back squat days this week. And we haven’t seen dballs and/or pistols in awhile, so today seems like a good day to bring back both of them.

– Open gym – Gainz Club .. Come back to watch the CrossFit Games!!

Let’s have another great week!