Hey Old Cityzens!

Hard to believe that August starts in a few days, amirite?? Part of me is still in May/June.. yet, here we are. And here YOU are, too, moving along with us. Keep plugging away whether you’re training at home, on Zoom, or in the gym. We love to see everyone hard at work!

New class time – 4:30pm
This week we’re opening up the 4:30pm class. The 5:30pm class has been getting full, so this will help spread out the members a bit, and hopefully encourage others back in the gym. As with the other classes, please sign up ahead of time. The slots are open up a week in advance, and close an hour before the class starts. The coach can turn you away if you show up without signing up.

DC/Gym Policy – masks and self-quarantine
As we stated on Wednesday, masks are now required at all times in the gym. Yes, you can remove them to help catch your breath and get a drink, but please be mindful of those around you when doing so. We’ll be providing towels again, so you can grab 1-2 when you come in. You can wet one down to help keep cool, and use the other to stay dry. Put the used towels in the bin by the door before you leave.

Another DC-wide policy that goes into effect on Monday is 2-weeks of self quarantine if you travel to/from any states listed as Covid hotspots/high risk areas. This list will be released on Monday, updated every two weeks, and will be in place until the DC state of emergency is lifted on October 9th. If you choose to travel to one of the states listed, we ask that you stay out of the gym those 2 weeks as well, for the safety of the other members as coaches. Zoom workouts are available M/W/F and the daily workouts can be altered to no/low equipment workouts you can do at-home. We certainly appreciate all the precautions our members are taking to keep themselves safe by staying home if they feel sick, etc.

I don’t want to give away anymore updates as we have the August newsletter set to be delivered to your Inbox on Saturday, and that’s CHOCK FULL of updates. So keep an eye out for that.

Let’s see what’s coming up this week..

Monday – Long workout to start off the week with some rowing (I know you missed it from last week) and barbell snatches and thrusters. All the fun movements!

Tuesday – Pistol skill work along with a tabata workout

Wednesday – Double strength brings back the clean and jerk (split) and some front squats.

Thursday – Repeat WOD from last year, combining some double unders and a classic HeroWOD.

Friday – Deadlifts and dballs. Does it get anymore fun than that? Well.. I’d throw in Assault bike sprints, but we’ll save those for another time.. *tear*

– Floor press heavy 3 and a 21-15-9 AMRAP with some swings and toes to bar.

SundayHeroWOD – hit the park, grab a friend, have some fun, and work hard.

Let’s have another great week!