Hey Old Cityzens!

Oh man.. so much to talk about this week. I’m gonna skip the intro and get to it!

CrossFit Games
This week, from Tuesday July 27 – Sunday Aug 1, the best exercisers will compete to see who is the fittest person in the world (on Earth!). Follow along on Instagram and on the Games website. You can also see all the many ways to watch it LIVE HERE!

2021 Virtual CrossFit Games
Feeling the itch to compete?? Sweet! Check out the Virtual Games, which runs parallel to the events in the 2021 CrossFit Games. As of this posting, the workouts include a 5k row (25 min cap) and a 5RM deadlift (20 min timeframe). Check the link above for more details and for additional workouts as they are added.
You can register HERE.

2022 CrossFit Open
Want to see where you are in your CrossFit journey, but you’re not quite ready to compete? You have SEVEN MONTHS until the start of the 2022 CrossFit season. The CrossFit Open is the world wide competition that gives everyone a chance to compete for a spot at the CrossFit games. At this time, we have no additional information, such as how long it will last (3,4, or 5 weeks) or how Old City will participate, so stay tuned!


Weekly Musings
1. Shout out to some gym happenings – a few seen on Facebook Community Group, and others passed to me.
– Mike C (regular 6amer and 5am OG) became a Dad last Monday to baby boy, Rollins.
– Stacie M (5am regular) finally stringing together some double unders with no singles in between. Rock on!
– Becxi S (noon, 10AM Sat regular) kicking ass on toes to bar, finally Rx-ing a workout last Saturday even if she tore up her hands.

**Want to be featured? Sweet! HMU! Tag us on social media so we can share your wins. And hopefully we have some back squat PRs to boast about after Wednesday!

2. No pull up bar at home? No problem! At home pull up work.

3. MOAR PULL UP STUFF!!Get your first, or do more strict. Some tips!

4. And a random weird song that comes up in class – “I love you period”


Let’s see what’s coming up this week..


Monday – Double strength day with a snatch focus followed by some work for your butt and gut.

Tuesday – Long day with some rowing, wall balls, and high box jumps.

Wednesday – Back squat max day! *and bike sprints… *shhh!!*

Thursday – Handstand push ups skill day followed by a dumbbell “DT” wod.

Friday – Another long workout, but this one is EMOM style where you get to rest after you’ve completed the work in the time set. What’s the work? Oh, just double unders, air squats, and burpees.. nbd..

– Widen that stance for some sumo deadlifts, and take care of your paws cuz you’ve got pull ups and KB swings afterwards.

Sunday – You made it! Rest Day! Relax, and we’ll see you back in the gym tomorrow!

Let’s have another great week!