Hey Old Cityzens!

I hope you’re staying cool and surviving this heat! Looks like it will be staying with us for awhile, so make sure you’re taking care of yourself inside and outside of the gym.

This past weekend we had our July event that had our members outdoors, and in August we’ll be indoors watching the final event(s) of the CrossFit Games. This will be two weeks from today on Sunday, August 4th, so mark your calendars!

September’s event takes us out to wine country in Virginia where $30 will get you a seat on da bus out to Paradise Springs Winery and Barrel Oak Winery. Tastings, food, and other purchases are on you. We’ll make sure you get there and back safely. This will be on Sunday, September 1st.

That is Labor Day weekend, and if you want to plan ahead to get your workouts in, we’ll have normal schedule on Saturday, open gym and gainz club ONLY, on Sunday, and then a special 3 HOUR OPEN GYM on Monday. Since I made a big stink about people working out last year and we had like 30 people show up in the first 30 minutes, we’re extending it an hour and starting it at 8AM. Ya, I’ll be there again to open the doors (I’ll use the term ‘coaching’ loosely) and I’ll have some workouts on the board if you have no clue what to do. So come early, stay long, and keep mamma Jen company.

Bringing things back a bit to the present day…

Real talk now, as we’ve got some important stuff coming up THIS weekend. As some of you may or may not know, Sean Chua – who has been a constant nemesis to Juan in the 6AM, and a rockstar of a coach Saturday mornings and at the Sunday HeroWODs – will be moving to Pittsburgh, PA early August. This weekend will be his last classes that he’ll be coaching. I let him choose the workout(s) for Sunday night. You can come and participate and make him WORK HARD (as he always does) and try to handle a class of like, 30 people that will probably show up. HAHAHA!! Even if you don’t workout, make sure you have your favorite pizza topping, DC monument, CrossFit movement, or cheat meal in mind to share at the happy hour that will be going on afterwards at Haymaker. Yoga is cancelled for that evening, so festivities will start around 6:30. I might be getting a little sappy RN since Sean and I go way back to the days of workouts in Lincoln Park that we did in the summer of 2013 before the gym opened up. There are only a handful of us OGs remaining. It’s tough when people leave, and even tougher when they’ve been apart of the gym for so long.

Phew.. I think someone’s cutting some onions in my place. We’ll have more info about this weekend coming up, but until then let’s see what workouts will crush you.. I mean, are coming up this week..

Monday – Hotel DB workout. Some pressing, lunging, RDLing. Been awhile since we’ve done DB OH squats, so today sounds like a good day.

Tuesday – Double strength with some back squats and bent over rows. I have a saying that ‘no one every died from doing too many squats’. Well, that might happen today. #yousignedawaiver

Wednesday – Nothing says ‘my legs are f&cked up like trying to run after a squat day. Well, it’s your lucky f&cking day! Remember that C&J heavy single we hit last week? Keep that number in mind as you’ll need it today.

Thursday – More heavy ish with some deadlifts. Still don’t have feeling in your legs from Tuesday’s back squats? Awesome. Hop on the bike afterwards for some sprints. I love these all-out sprint workouts. <3

Friday – Okay, for reals now we’re slowing things down a bit. Strength/skill has you doing some toes to bar work. How did things fare for you last Tuesday when we did the box jumps, T2B, and DB thruster AMRAP? Struggle on the T2B? OMG, would you look at this.. a chance to work on your weaknesses. Huh. Don’t go too crazy, tho, because..

CrossFit Open Workout 18.1

– Open gym + Gainz Club with a focus on cleans + Sean Chua Special WOD (no yoga)

Let’s have another great week.