Hey Old Cityzens!

Back at it for another week, and another week (FEW DAYS! *fingers crossed*) with no air conditioning. We learned our lesson and won’t jump the gun about it being fixed until it has been for.. 3 days, how about that? Still, though.. stay hydrated.. and bring a towel! I bring at least 2 bottles and 2 towels and I’m still soaked and thirsty afterwards. *shrug*

We want everyone to be safe whether it’s the heat or corona virus. Serious here for a second.. we hope the gym is a safe space/safe haven for you. I’ve heard from others, and I’ve said it myself, that I’m glad we’ve reopened because it has provided me a sense of routine and accountability. I’ve been coaching the morning classes and a regular in the 5:30p class, and both times in the gym give me different warm fuzzies (I’ll stop the gushy stuff in a sec.. hear me out). In person coaching is a way to connect with the members that isn’t the same online. There’s the regular banter, as well, when coaching or working out, that you can’t replicate when workout out alone.

I’ll give a shout-out to the Zoom Crew that gets together online every Mon/Wed/Fri to do a version of the class workout. They’ve been crushing it the last 4 months! *fist bump*

But whether in class or via Zoom, there’s a sense of accountability, too. I can do the workouts at home, but I’ll do dishes or laundry in between sets. And some days push it off until the evening after work, and then work never seems to end. So having a place to go, and people to see regularly, has been a godsend. I hope to see more people making there we back to the gym when they feel comfortable.

Okay.. warm fuzzies over.. speaking of getting back to the gym – we’ve added back the 7AM class! Be sure to sign up to save your spot. We’re working on getting more classes back on the schedule too, so keep an eye out for an email or in this post for updates.

One more note – we’re working on getting spots assigned for the pull up rig to begin use this week. If you have a favorite parallelogram to workout in, you might see if it pairs up with your favorite bar on the rig. You’ve got 4 days to figure it out. They aren’t set in stone – it’s just tape on the floor, really – so they are subject to change.

That’s all I’ve got.. let’s see what’s coming up this week..

– Deadlifts with 3 sec negative.. right after recovering from Friday’s workout. Single dumbbell fun, too.

Tuesday – Floor press heavy 5 with some push press and double unders. Get yourself a jump rope!

Wednesday – Oh man.. this chipper is gonna be gnarly! Rowing, box jumps, goblet squats, burpees, Turkish Get-Ups.. can you think of more ways to have fun? *don’t answer that..

Thursday – Toes to bar skill work — and you’ll get your hands on the pull up bars!

Friday – Double strength of power clean and jerk and some Yates Rows to build a big stronk back. I also like doing barbell/bicep curls on Friday. Get swole!

Saturday – Another double under day. Here’s a hint – we’ll be rowing and jumping rope at least once a week. So you’re gonna become kick ass rowers with phenomenal technique that’ll make me weep, and jump rope pros! Today’s focus is on the latter – along with some DB snatches – so you’ll have to wait until next week for another rowing workout to show off that form.

SundayHeroWOD Get some pals to do a socially distanced workout together outside.

Let’s have another great week!