Hey Old Cityzens!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone has had an enjoyable last few weeks and are ready to get back to WORK!

The January Newsletter went out on Friday. Check that out for updates on programming (what’s our main lift? What’s the benchmark girl wod? What are other changes?), personal training offerings, the membership scholarship program, and member profile.

We love to highlight all our members – virtual, personal training, morning, afternoon/evening – no matter your experience level. Everyone comes from a different background and has different goals, and it’s a great way to see how diverse a community we really are. To be featured weekly, or even daily, make sure you tag Old City CrossFit in your Instagram posts so we can give you a shout-out in our stories. Share your big lifts, your improved technique, you gainz (big and small!) and how you use your fitness outside the gym.

Look cool while working out!
We still have plenty of apparel available – mostly tshirts, BUT only a few hard-to-come-by hoodies. I believe we have a couple each XS, S, and one Large remaining. At this time, there are no plans to place a reorder. However, we are looking into online stores where all our offerings are online, and the items are shipped to you. That is still well in the beginning stages, and we’ve been hearing chatter about wanting to rep Old City tanks and crop tops for the summer. So we’ll keep you updated on those developments.

Speaking of summer bodies.. let’s see what’s coming up this week..

Monday – Deadlift day – heavy 5 – following by some KB swings and push ups. Simple, yet effective.

Tuesday – Toes to bar skill day with toes to bar in the workout, along with some box jumps and dumbbell work.

Wednesday – Long workout with BOTH running and double unders. Can I lure you in with barbell movements, too??

Thursday – Pull up work for strength, and it’s not just limited to strict and weighted. If you’ve had your heart set on learning kipping pull ups, here’s a chance to dedicate some class time to work on them. The workout will also include pull ups and other body weight movements, so don’t crush yourself.

Friday – Double strength with front squats – our primary squat for the month – and push jerks. As as I like to do when ending the week on a double strength day, make sure you get in some barbell bicep curls, too.

– Our second long workout of the week, and.. y’know.. we haven’t done man/woman/folkx/person/human makers in awhile, so today seems like the PERFECT day for them.

Sunday – Rest day! Get outside and enjoy some fresh air. Or do some yoga or mobility work today.

Let’s have another great week!