Hey Old Cityzens!

I hope everyone had great weekend. I spent the a scant 28 hours in Wisconsin for a wedding, and I’ve had my fill of snow for the year. It was also so cold that I bought a sweatshirt at the airport because I underpacked. I also stood in a corner to stay warm because it’s 90 degrees.

February Newsletter

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CrossFit Open

The CrossFit Open starts in 19 days.

Are you ready???

The Open is 3 weeks long and is a test (sometimes a retest) of where you rank against CrossFitters all over the WORLD.

We’ll be preparing for it by redoing some of the workouts from years past, and working on gymnastics and Olympic movements that seem to trip people up. Maybe this is the year you get your first pull ups, toes to bar, handstand push up, or max your clean.

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Let’s see what’s coming up THIS week..


Monday – Old City Benchmark #6 – handstand push ups, cleans, toes to bar.

Tuesday – Romanian deadlifts and L-sit work, followed by some bike sprints, lunges, and suicide sprints.

Wednesday – Front squats, DB snatches, and medball sit ups.

Thursday – Double strength day with push jerks and a focus on pistol squats.

Friday – Tempo bench press and a workout that’s a spin on girl WOD “Jackie”

Saturday – Open prep workout with bits of previous workouts – double unders, DB thrusters, chest to bar pull ups, and wall walks.

Sunday – Rest Day! Phew! We also have Yoga at 10am and Gainz Club at 11am. Otherwise, try to relax a bit, and we’ll see you back in the gym tomorrow!

Let’s have another great week!