The week ahead.. January 14th

Hey Old Cityzens!

How about this SNOW!! It is January, and I love me some warm/mild temps, but it’s nice to see some of this white stuff from time to time. And it is about time. Get out and have fun, but also stay warm.

Speaking of getting outside.. Join us on Saturday, Jan. 19th, at Arlington National Cemetery to help retire the Veteran’s Wreaths that were laid out before the holidays. Its pretty simple – we’ll just make our way through Arlington National Cemetery, picking up wreaths and placing them in the designated dumpsters.

The only parking that will be available will be at the Pentagon North Parking lot, so plan to metro, bike, ride share, run, etc. If you’d like to ride share, plan to meet at the gym at 7:30am and we can call Ubers/Lyfts. Or if you have your own transportation, we’ll meet at the Welcome Center at 8am.

So join us for this AMWAP, and let’s see how many wreaths we can collect!

Goals/PR Board
The board is ready for you to add your.. well, goals and PRs (so far! with more to come!) for 2019. Pick a few lifts or movements or other things you’d like to accomplish this year and add them to the board. Talk about them with others, with your coaches, and help each other stay accountable to meet these goals.

We’ve got our benchmark Girl WOD for this month coming up this week. Finally! It’s the CrossFit classic “Fran” and it will be going down on Friday. See you there for some thrusters and pull ups.

MLK Day Schedule

Looking ahead to next week as an early heads up. Monday, January 21st is a federal holiday, but our class schedule will stay the same throughout the day.

Lots of stuff going on, but let’s see what’s coming up with our workouts this week..

– Long workout, no strength

Tuesday – Snatch grip deadlift for 3 followed by a triplet with the barbell and some toes to bar.

Wednesday – Bench press for 5 with some fun biking action to follow.

– Our double strength day has us doing power cleans and Romanian deadlifts. You’ll also have a chance to get upside down for a bit.

– “Fran” is the focus for today followed by optional GOAT work or coach-led mobility work.

Saturday – Squats today, but also bring your jump rope for later.

– Open gym + Gainz club + HeroWOD + Yoga

Let’s have another great week!

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