Hey Old Cityzens!

Snow dayyyyyyy!!!

I’m going to keep the intro sparse because the February newsletter will be hitting your inboxes tomorrow morning, and all you need to know is in there.

Okay, okay, twist my arm.. here’s a preview – member spotlight, scholarship program is still going strong (apply if you need some financial assistance or know someone who does so we can get their buns in the gym!), programming info with benchmark girl WOD, CrossFit Open stuff.. and.. and.. I’m missing something I’m sure of it. Well.. guess you’ll have to read the email!

Let’s see what’s coming up this week..

Monday – Double strength day with a focus on cleans (power and hang power) as well as front squats.

Tuesday – Longer workout today with The Chief feel to it. Bring your jump rope.

Wednesday – Deadlift day with some tempo work. Ohh.. those eccentrics – you know and love them – with some pull ups and KB swings (hellooo, calluses!)

Thursday – Pistol skill day with pistols in the wod, along with some box jumps and push press.

Friday – Another long workout with rowing and wall balls.

– Pull up dedicated day. But no pull ups in the wod, so go HAM! You’ll need that grip for some double KB deadlifts and DB snatches.

Sunday – Rest Day! Relax, and we’ll see you back in the gym tomorrow!

Barbells at the beginning of the week, tapering off to more DB, KB, and body weight work. That’s cool! They aren’t going far, and you’ll get in plenty of barbell work throughout the month.

Let’s have another great week!