Hey Old Cityzens!

I hope you had a great weekend and are ready to crush this week. We had some cold and rainy days last week, but hopefully that didn’t get you down. Yes, some people still had to run in the rain (looking at you, AM peeps… 😉 ), and you’re a hearty bunch in doing so. We’re hoping to see you all back in the gym this week, particularly on Monday, to start things off on a good note.

Speaking of Monday..

Old City CrossFit Total

Led by Coach Jason, you’re guaranteed to do a skilled warm up with no music, and then he and Coach Jess will make sure you’re ready to find your 1RM in the following movements

– Power clean
– Push press
– Back squat

And you’ll wrap up the 90 min session with a 500m row. If you were in class last Tuesday, you got a preview with rowing intervals of 1000m, 500m, and 250m.

*Shout out to myself for PR-ing my 2K row on Saturday at open gym with a 7:45.5. Missed my goal of 7:45 by .5 sec, so now my new goal is 7:40. HMU if you want to train and test your 2k row.

Rep Old City with apparel

We have our President’s Day shirts in house, so make sure you get yours and rep President Taft, who was our nation’s 27th President. William Howard Taft, aka “Big Bill”, was more than our most obese President (how about that for a title.. ha!), as he was the only man to serve as both US President and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Check the link above for more information about him and quiz your fellow members.

We also have our blue Old City tshirts ($30) and some hoodies ($40). Those are great to wear on your way to and from workouts. Talk with a coach and they can get you hooked up so you can be looking fresh. *is this the right lingo? I’m now down with what’s cool.. and I think I should stop now..

Okey dokie!!! *still not helping myself..
Let’s see what’s coming up this week..

– Gymnastics skill work – toes to bar; and some strict gymnasty work and a dumbbell complex. No need to be secretive since the blog post is up.. it’s man makers.

– Double strength – power snatch + your *favorite* – heel elevated goblet squats! 😀

“Fight Gone Bad” with a twist.

Thursday – High rep deadlifts, then putting that toes to bar work to use with some MOAR! deadlifts

Friday – Double KB/DB press day followed by a ‘Death by’ workout, which is an EMOM +1 rep EM. Too many abbreviations? Show up Friday and find out what all the fun is about.

Saturday – Another long workout with some longer runs and some power cleans and HSPU. Yaaa for the weekend!

– Open gym + Gainz Club + WODTrain + HeroWOD + Yoga

Let’s have another great week!

**I’m feeling a bit punchy (obvi or nah?), so if you made it this far, thank you for reading. Most the time I feel like I’m typing to no one, so I hope at least *one* person finds this humorous. *prayerhands/high-5 emoji* I’m not sure what it really is but both work.