The week ahead.. February 11th

Hey Old Cityzens!

It was awesome to see the turnout for deadlifts this past Friday — a lot of strong lifts and a bunch of PRs! Well done! I hope to look over at the ‘PR’ board and see some new marks to . Be sure to check out the Whiteboard on Twitter. A picture of the board is posted at the end of the day. This gives you a chance, especially if you come to an earlier class, to see how the rest of the gym is performing. You can see a wide range of scores, weights, and times.

There’s a good chance we won’t be having another heavy single deadlift day in the next 6 months, which will give you plenty of time to put a goal up on the left side of the board. Maybe it’s for a new deadlift PR, getting pull ups or muscle ups, handstand push ups.. or even improving your hamstring mobility. Set SMART goals.

Specific *(Finish a 2,000m row under 7:45)
Measurable (Track progress of 2-3 rowing workouts/week for 12 weeks)
Attainable (Current best is 7:54.. it is attainable, but will take work. I’m up for the challenge)
Relevant (I enjoy rowing and finished the half marathon row last week, sooo…)
Timely (I’ll test it after 12 weeks, and then again around September, but then marathon row training starts up)

*This is one of my goals that is on the board. I already met one of them when I finished the half marathon row (report still in draft form..). It works.

We are starting the 6th full week of 2019. Where are you with meeting your other goals? How are you tracking them? Is someone helping you? Who is keeping you accountable? We want to see both sides of the board filling up, so get after it!

Cubbie Clean Out!
Take your stuff home before EOD FRIDAY. We’re cleaning out the cubbies over the weekend, and whatever is left gets tossed. Take your shoes, your notebooks, waterbottles, jump ropes, lifters, Nanos, Metcons, Minimus, Inov-8, wrist wraps, belts, hand panties, dress shoes, hats.. WHATEVER. Get it out of the gym so the area can be deep cleaned over the weekend.

CrossFit Open — SIGN UP!

The CrossFit Open starts on February 21st — next Thursday! We will be doing them in class on Friday as the WOD. For those signing up, this is a chance to compete against thousands of people all over the world. And you will be doing the workouts Friday night as part of ‘Friday Night Lights’ where fellow members will judge your performance and make sure you hit all the standards and receive zero ‘no reps’. When you SIGN UP for the Open, be sure to select ‘Old City CrossFit’ and email coach David so he knows to add you to the list.

President’s Day Walk
Saturday, February 16th – 11:00am
It’s time for our annual President’s Day walk! This year – and this Saturday – we are celebrating Teddy Roosevelt. Since Teddy Roosevelt Island is a bit of a trek, we’ll be visiting his portrait at the National Portrait Gallery instead. Plan to meet at the gym at 11am to walk over to the National Portrait Gallery in Chinatown to check him out. Everyone should come with a fun fact about Teddy to share. After that, we’ll find a spot for lunch and drinks. We’ll also have shirts with Teddy doing bicep curls in a national park. They will be $30 +tax, and available in the gym (first come, first served) later this month.

Trying to keep this short to keep you all interested. So if you’ve made it this far, let’s go ahead and see what’s coming up this week..

Monday – Front squats, taking a break from back squats, and a little Open workout prep.

Tuesday – Benchmark Girl WOD “Barbara” today.

Wednesday – Going back to a little EMOM work with pressing and core as the focus. Barbell couplet will keep your legs moving after Tuesday’s squats with additional pressing.

Thursday – Finally getting back to deadlifts after maxing out on Friday. Going for higher reps with a fun little KB cashout workout.

Friday – Wrapping up the work week with our double strength day – split snatch and bentover rows. Nice little dumbbell bro sesh afterwards, too. Get swole!

Saturday – Repping out an Open workout from last year. I hope you like cleans and burpees. No?

Sunday – Open gym + gainz club + HeroWOD + Yoga

Let’s have another great week!


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