Hey Old Cityzens!

A chilly weekend with some rain, but I hope you were able to enjoy some time outside even if we’re losing a little bit more daylight each day. Don’t worry! It’ll start coming back soon! But enjoy every day you can get outside no matter the weather.

Here we are with the first FULL week of the month. I hope you’re ready to get after it and work hard to finish up the year. Keep working on your 2020 goals; start working on 2021 goals. It’s never too late to start.

We’ve got a good mix of unilateral movements included with the workouts this week. And we’re bringing back the dballs, too. Our two longer workouts will be an interval workout, as well as a Hanukkah themed WOD. You’ll see some handstand push up skill work, and clean and jerks.

We’re still going to continue our give $200, get $200 referral program. If you refer someone to Old City and they sign up, they’ll get $200 off one month of membership, and so will you! Pass on the gift of health to friends of family, and let them know first hand what it’s like to be an Old Cityzen.

Cool? COOL!

Now let’s see what’s coming up this week..

Monday – Strict press heavy 2 with some push press, lunges, and swings – all with the kettlebell

Tuesday – Long workout with rowing and dballs.

Wednesday – Handstand push ups skill work and more unilateral work of snatches and renegade rows.

Thursday – Double strength day with clean + jerk (power or squat, push or split) and dips (strict work or weighted).

Friday – Hanukkah workout – 8 rounds, 8 movements, 8 reps.

– Sumo deadlift AND sumo deadlift high pulls and toes to bar.

Sunday – Rest day! Take some time off to recover from the week and get ready to go at it again tomorrow.

Let’s have another great week!