The week ahead.. December 3rd

Hey Old Cityzens!

I hope you all enjoyed the first weekend of DECEMBER! It shouldn’t be this warm, but I’m not going to complain too much especially when I’ll be in Michigan next weekend and the temps will barely get above freezing for the high!! I’M NOT READY!!

I’d like to take a few minutes away from my ranting and go off script to give thanks to fellow members for helping me with a move this past weekend. You stepped up and selflessly gave up your time to help me for a few hours Sunday morning. I’m truly thankful for your assistance and will return the favor in the future, whether it’s during a move or help in some other way. This is something that has been hard for me to do, and that’s to ask for help. I can be pretty hard headed and strong willed, and it was difficult for me to do since I didn’t want to inconvenience anyone, but I’m really grateful. Thank you!

Now I will repeat myself and say don’t be afraid to ask for help – inside or outside the gym. People are awesome. Sure, they can be assholes a good portion of the time (pointing at myself..) but they want to help and sometimes need a reason to do so.

Back on script!

The December newsletter went out on Saturday. I know you all received it, but did you read it?? Here’s ONE thing I’ll mention from it – PROGRAMMING CHANGE. We’re moving the Olympic lifting day from after squats to double strength day. In addition to that, we’ll nix the ‘CashoutWOD’ on those days (after this first week) so you can spend more time on the lifts. We’ll still have one that focuses on the clean and jerk or snatch, followed by an accessory strength movement. You’ll still get in plenty of reps, so take advantage of these days to improve your Olympic lifts.

Speaking of Olympic lifts, last week we did a lot of clean variations in addition to going overhead. We’ll be doing some more cleans this week, mixing up a variety of movements – hang, ground, power, squat – and equipment – dball, dumbbell, barbell.

I’ll also remind you that, especially if you read this ‘informative portion’ that’s posted on the Facebook group, the strength layout for the week is always posted online. We program the metcons around the strength movements and want you to make that a priority, which is why we don’t hide what’s coming up. We don’t want you to completely cherry pick your workouts, which is why I only give teasers about the workouts. For a fair price, though, I might divulge more…

ON THAT NOTE.. and until I get propositioned.. let’s see what we have coming up this week.

– Skwaaaats! Last week of 5s, then we’ll go for 3s the rest of the month. We’ve got a single DB workout with some clean/press and OH lunges to follow.

Tuesday – No strength today, but we’ll be busting out the dballs and squatting with them. Yup!

– Build to a heavy clean – more squatting! Plus some pistols and running to build that booty.

– Deadlift day with some double KB deadlifts and double unders in the workout

– Double strength – split snatch and front squats – and our final ‘cashout WOD’ for the month on these days. Today’s might give you that ‘Fran cough’.

Saturday – Partner workout with some biking, jumping, and carrying heavy things. Y’know, CrossFit.

Sunday – Open gym + Gainz Club + Hero WOD + Yoga

Let’s have another great week!

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