Hey Old Cityzens!

Oh man.. I’m really excited for this week. I hope you had a great weekend, doing your usual weekend things, and that you’re ready for a great week of workouts.

First thing to get out of the way are a few announcements

Holiday Schedule
Thursday, Dec. 24th: 6am, 7am, 9:30am & 12pm ONLY
Friday, Dec. 25th: CLOSED
Saturday, Dec. 26th: Normal Schedule
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: Normal Schedule
Thursday, Dec. 31st: 6am, 7am, 9:30am & 12pm ONLY
Friday, Jan. 1st: CLOSED
Saturday, Jan. 2nd: Normal Schedule

Got it? GOOD!

Throughout this week, show your holiday and Old City spirit. Yes, Hanukkah is over, but you can still wear blue and white, you can wear red and green, and you can wear your Old City swag. Need some apparel? We’ve got you covered! Grab a tshirt (blue or or President’s Day shirt from 2018) or a hoodie. We also have *one* last XS thermal available.

We also have a huge THANK YOU to all our members as a small token of our appreciation for… EVERYTHING! You’ve stuck with us over the years, particularly the last 9 months with all the changes we’ve faced, and you’ve rolled with it. We’ve got a small gift you can pick up when you show up to any class this week. Just a little bit of holiday cheer from Old City to our Old Cityzens.

Okay.. before I get too sappy and sentimental, let’s see what’s coming up this week..

Monday – Pistol skill day with a body weight/gymnastics triplet.

Tuesday – Double strength day with some clean work and Romanian deadlifts.

Wednesday – 12 Days of Christmas workout – not the same from last year. The rep scheme of the workout follows the song of the same name. Get ready fro a long and FUN (mostly barbell) workout.
*Yes, we are doing it today v the 24th because we have the 5:15p Zoom peeps to include as well as more classes are offered today vs Thursday, and I wanted as many people to partake in the fun as possible.

Thursday – Sumo deadlift with some KB swings and rowing. Still fun.


– Let’s burn off that holiday cheer (wait..a.. sec.. ) with some MORE rowing, double unders, and wall balls.

Sunday – REST DAY! Get outside!! Enjoy the holiday weekend.

Let’s have another great week!