Hey Old Cityzens!

I hope you had a great weekend, and I gotta say.. THIS WEATHER!! 😀 I know it’s December and it’s supposed to be cold, and.. yeah.. we might get some snow the middle of this week, but seeing the sun and being warm does so much to boost mental health. Admittedly I’ve struggled a bit this week, but I’m able to get in a workout from time to time, and get outside for some fresh air, which usually helps. Oh, and I get to pet dogs everyday, so that’s pretty awesome, too.

We’re excited to see everyone in the gym, and expect a few more than usual over the next few weeks. This time of year tends to be a big time for travel, but most people are staying home this year. Our policy is the same as it has been since we reopened – no drop-ins/out of town guests. Masks are still to be worn at all times in the gym – covering both nose AND mouth. Single use masks are provided by the exit door in case you sweat through yours or need a dry one on your way out. Thank you to everyone who continues to abide by these rules, as well as self quarantining when you do travel. We do have the virtual/online programming via True Coach that you can get added to if you will be traveling. This mirrors what we do in the gym and provides a little more guidance and scaling especially if you are limited on space and equipment. We still have the ZoomWODs happening M/W/F with Coach Jess at 5:15 where she does the workout with you, and the evening coach (David or Jason) Monday through Friday at 6:30 where you are coached and given a little more direction and feedback.

Lots of stuff happening in the gym – classes AND personal training (reach out to Coach Jason for more information) – as well as online. So many ways to get in a workout!

Lots of good stuff coming up this week – two long workouts, some split snatches (a new movement for most people), toes to bar skill work, wall balls, an a benchmark Girl WOD.

Let’s see what’s coming up this week..

Monday – Long workout to start things off. Bring your jump rope, and get ready to do some snatches and burpees. Yaaa burpees!!

Tuesday – Toes to bar skill day after seeing them in Saturday’s workout. Nixing them from the WOD, but you’ll get some grip work in with KB swings and build those gams with some goblet squats.

Wednesday – Double strength day to break up the week – split snatch and some pull up work.

Thursday – Long workout, you say?? Righty-O! For those of you that missed the reintroduction of wall balls a week ago from this past Saturday, you’ll get to experience them today.

Friday – “Elizabeth” and some back squats.

– Push press and some handstand push ups. Helloooo shoulders!

Sunday – Rest day! Take some time off to recover from the week and get ready to go at it again tomorrow.

Let’s have another great week!