Hey Old Cityzens!

Great time watching the final events of the CrossFit Games. It gets me fired up! I hope you are too, whether it’s to improve in the gym, or to test your skills outside the gym. There are a couple competitions coming up that I know a number of our members are signed up for in the couple months.

On Saturday, September 7th at District CrossFit in SW DC is the DC Throwdown. The first workout has already been released!

One month later on Saturday, October 5th, is the Team SuperFit DC competition. Location is still TBD, but you can sign up in 2-person teams and join me and Katie R. We are competing in the old ladies division, but it’s still going to fun and challenging.

Wrapping up our August Event on Sunday, we now have the September event to look forward to. On Sunday, September 1st of Labor Day weekend, you can join your fellow Old Cityzens for a day of winery tours in Northern VA! A party bus will pick up the group from the gym at 10am and take us out to the wineries for the day. The cost is $30 per person for a seat on the bus, plus the cost of tastings, food and/or beverages at each winery. We only have 20 spots available, so sign up NOW to claim your seat.

Check the newsletter you received last Thursday for additional announcements, and let’s see what’s coming up this week..

Monday – Back squats(8) and a repeat of an Open workout from 2018.

Tuesday – an ‘odd object 1RM’ followed by an ‘all the balls’ workout of running, shouldering, and wall balls.

– long day with the barbell – deadlift, jerks, and pull ups

Thursday – Our second back squat day (5s) or maybe your first (8s). A basic couplet (2 movement workout) with some KB swings. This heavier weight is almost the new normal, so Amer (or higher than shoulders) should be possible for many.

Friday – Wrapping up the week with our double strength day – deadlifts and weighted pull ups, with a little core work as the cashout.

Saturday – This is a 4 movement ‘do work’ workout. No reps/weight/score will be taken, but you’ll be tasked with sprinting, holding, and hanging for 24 minutes. Looks easy on paper, but it will definitely be challenging.

Sunday – Open gym + gainz club + HeroWOD + yoga

Let’s have another great week!