Hey Old Cityzens!

Starting the week and wrapping up the month. Are you ready for September?? Yeah, I’m not, either. *shrug* BUT. It’s here, so we’ll roll with it.

A few things coming up this month, and I don’t want to say too much because we have the September newsletter hitting your in boxes tomorrow. And (Handsome Pete!) we hope it lives up to the August newsletter 😉 So keep an eye out for that with details on membership, programming (virtual and in-gym), community events.. AND MORE!

A couple things to mention are the Open Gym sessions. They are Monday – Friday at 6:30pm, as well as on Saturday at 11am and noon. Sign up for your 1 hour time slot and hit up a workout you might’ve missed during the week. Or get in that deadlift 1RM that you missed from this past Saturday.

One other programming note that you’ll see this week is that we’re going to add running to workouts. The garage door will stay shut, and it’s okay to lower your mask if you choose. But we ask that you cover your mouth when passing other people on the sidewalk. Pull the mask back up when you get back in the gym. If you’re not comfortable running, there will be inside scales that you can do, such as single unders, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, etc. We just wanted to expand the cardio portion of the programming options a bit, and let you get a little fresh air during workouts.

Labor Day schedule has been finalized, too. No big changes except that there are NO CLASSES MONDAY, SEPT 7th. Everything else is the same this week through Saturday. Ya coaches have been working hard since we re-opened June 24th, so it’ll be nice to have a few hours of *ommm* before prepping for the week. Love ya all to pieces. But we need a rest day from time to time, too. Gotta keep the snark fresh. 😉

Let’s see what’s coming up this week..

Monday – Dumbbell only long workout. 20 rounds sound good to you? Good.

Tuesday – Handstand push up skill work plus a 9-15-21 AMRAP with heavy KB swings.

Wednesday – Double strength day brings back some power snatches and overhead squats (3s) as well as bent over rows (Yates).

Thursday – Ruuuunning. *fist bump* and a barbell complex similar to the HeroWOD “DT”.

Friday – Back squats. Yuup. Back squats! Jump ropes, too, as there’s a quick 10 min AMRAP afterwards.

– Push press heavy 8 (again) and some snatches and air squats. I know you love (hate? I can’t remember *shrug*) them, so I’ll keep programming them.

Sunday – HeroWOD – Join Jess in the park (check FB Group for more info), socially distanced with a friend, or on your own. Or chill and do Yoga with Katie

Let’s have another great week!