Hey Old Cityzens!

I hope you all had a great weekend. Big things coming up as announced via Facebook and email on Friday with the changes starting Monday, August 24th. New membership options including Zoom class at 6:30pm (more to follow in the coming weeks) as well as CF/PT based programming that will be tailored to your goals.

Open gym comes back this week as well on Saturday with two class options at 11am and noon. As with the weekday classes, you’ll need to sign up in advance for one of the hour time slots. The spots on the floor go with a spot on the rig if you want to do pull ups, toes to bar, dips, or use the rack for squats, etc. Be mindful of those around you and be sure to clean the space and equipment that you use.

Open gym will be happening at 6:30pm as well Mon-Fri. You can do the workout that’s written, or do a workout that you missed from a prior week. Little guidance will be provided because it’s.. well, open gym. Have at it!

One thing that wasn’t mentioned is that we’re building in a rest day on Sunday. We’ve been programming workouts nearly every day for the last 7 years, and we want to encourage you to take some time off. So take the day off. Or get outside for some active recovery. Move your body. Now *if* you’re still looking to get a workout fix in, Coach Jess will be hosting some “Tribute WODs in the Park”. Go to that link, which is an Event in our Facebook Community Group to see what she has in store. Not on Facebook? Hit up Coach Jess and let her know you’re interested in the workouts she has planned.

Cool? Cool!

Let’s see what’s coming up this week..

Monday – Floor press heavy 5, followed by some max reps power cleans after hitting up some burpees and jumping lunges.

Tuesday – Long workout on a Tuesday, and we’re taking away the weights today. Yup! But you’ll get in plenty of air squats, push ups, and V-ups.

Wednesday – Toes to bar skill day AND some pull ups and KB swings in the workout, so take care of your hands.

Thursday – Double strength day with power clean and jerk cycling work, similar to last week’s power snatch, followed by some EMOM front squats.

Friday – Day after the double means it’s another long workout. Bring your jump rope to day and get those shoulders warmed up for a good amount of overhead pressing today.

– Deadlifts. That’s it. Deadlifts.

Sunday – REST. Take a day off. Relax, recover, recuperate.

Let’s have another great week!