Hey Old Cityzens!

*Insert usual questions about your weekend*
*Additional drivel about weather*

I’ve been busy cleaning and purging my place, and want to get back to that (weird, eh?) but let’s talk about a few things first.


Weekly Musings
1. Send me your best joke. Seriously. Morning classes be crackin’ up. We’ve covered most of these already.

2. The importance of tempo training. Relative to some workouts this week.

3. Your weekly shoulder mobility routine.
– Child’s pose single arm ‘swimmers’.
– Child’s pose T-spine rotations
– Plank to down dog toe touches
– Plank to T rotation hold
– Quadped to scorpion to crab twist (*it’s pretty cool, check it out at :41)
– Prone I-T-Y-W-swimmers
*Start off with about 8-10 reps of each, at least once through. Progress to 2-3x. Go slow! It’s not a race.

Now get after it! *fist bump*


Workouts this week are gonna favor overheads movements, so take advantage of the mobility work listed above and from last week’s blog post. That doesn’t mean the legs won’t see their fair share of work, either, which you’ll see towards the end of the week. Looking to prep for our benchmark workout next week, so it would behoove you to make it to Tuesday’s class.


Let’s see what else is happening this week..


Monday – Long workout to start the week, but not as soul sucking as last Friday’s. We still friends or nah? It’s only 25 min long and no double unders or cleans, but there are pull ups and wall balls. Is that okay?

Tuesday – Double strength with a snatch focus. Preparing for next week’s benchmark girl WOD, and doing some EMOM work. Follow it up with some butt and gut work.

Wednesday – Toes to bar skill work. Check your hands after Monday and make sure they’ll be there for you on Friday when you’ll put the T2B to work. We’ll get some additional core work in today with some weighted sit ups and going overhead with a plate.

Thursday – Our 2nd long workout of the week brings back some lunges, box jumps and DB snatches.

Friday – See how the legs are feeling because we have some tempo back squats and thrusters today.

Saturday – Tempo deadlifts with some lighter and faster deads in the workout, along with some burpees.

Sunday – Rest Day! Relax, and we’ll see you back in the gym tomorrow!

Let’s have another great week!