Hey Old Cityzens!

I hope you had a great weekend, a great holiday, and a great spring break for those of you with kids in the DCPS or if you work for DCPS. Time to get back at it!

First thing’s first – Girl WOD this week, on Tuesday. Ready for Helen. Okay, that might not be *exactly* what we’re doing that day, but let’s try to not get hurt, okay?

Second, I’m going to direct you to a few articles/posts to read. The first one is about muscle soreness. I think this is a good read after last week’s squats, clusters, dips, double unders, etc. I heard comments about sore legs, shoulders, calves, and just general overall soreness. Or maybe you weren’t sore after a workout. So what does that mean? If you’re not sore, did you not work hard? Are your muscles not growing? The link is to a post in Instagram. Read the infograph and caption. The full article can be found HERE (for purchase).

Also, are you following CrossFit.com? No? WHY NOT?! In addition to the workouts posted daily, they post 2-3 articles with each workout about health, wellness, or fitness. Even on rest days (they follow a 3 days on/1 day off pattern) they want you to exercise your brain. I’d like you to read an article each day and talk about it with me or with your coach. You can email me personally or slide into my DMs. Even if it’s not on the mainsite, start some dialogue about training, nutrition, recovery, or even gardening. I know we have some green thumbs in the group. Remember, our goal or mission is to Prepare you for Life, and we want to make sure you’re enjoying yourself in the gym and outside the gym.

Oh.. I’m getting a little wordy now. It must mean it’s time to see what’s coming up this week..

Monday – Snatches of the power variety, and lots of them! We’ve even got some hopping going on, one day after Easter.

Tuesday“Helen” benchmark WOD. Also a chance to work on your weaknesses, aka “goats”, with some skill work training afterwards.

Wednesday – Bringing back last Friday’s press/push press combo with another week overhead. Same percentage, but we might be making some adjustments from last week. Be sure to read that day’s blog post. Also some dumbbell work afterwards.

– If you missed out on Saturday’s step up workout, you’ll get this week’s version of it – back step lunges. Build that peach! Hopefully you don’t have jello legs since you’ll need to do some box jumps afterwards.

– Ending the week on a good note with our double strength day. We’ll have some handstand push up, pull up EMOM work for you along with deadlifts. Nixing the optional cashout work since y’all seem to like it *too* much. And there’s nothing like ending the work week with some heavy deadlifts, right??

Saturday – If you like cardio, you’re going to love this workout. If you hate cardio, this is the day to show up. This is one of my FAVORITE workouts. And as a little hint to get you excited for it, I would do something similar when training for my ultra marathons in 2017. 😀

Sunday – Open gym + Gainz club + Hero WOD + Yoga

Let’s have another great week!