We have been keeping a close eye on the news, and it appears that the coronavirus is going to spread significantly in the U.S. While it’s not going to bring about the zombie apocalypse, it will have an impact maybe on the order of a bad flu season or potentially worse. The health of our coaches and our members is of utmost importance, so we are taking additional steps to ensure that the gym is as clean as possible, but we’ll need your assistance.

– Please wipe down all equipment once you’ve finished using it. We will make sure the gym is properly stocked with wipes. We will also be using a disinfectant spray 1-2 times per day on all equipment to ensure every piece of equipment is being disinfected.
– If you are feeling under the weather, please don’t come in. I know you might feel like a workout will help you feel better, but please stay home. You can do some body weight movements at home to get your blood pumping.
– Washing your hands before and after a workout can also help prevent the spread of any germs.
– We will also be disinfecting the door handles at the entrance and at the restrooms, and the sink handles, multiples times per day.
– If it’s nice out (like today), we will leave the garage door open so you don’t have to touch the door handle to come and go.
– As much as we encourage high fives during and after WODs, let’s switch things up and stick with fist bumps and words of encouragement instead.

With these extra precautions, and your assistance, we can help keep everyone healthy. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly, or speak to one of the coaches.