20 min AMRAP
400m Run
15 Overhead squats (95/65)
12 Pull ups (Scaling options

**As mentioned in the weekly blog post, today’s workout is a bit of a mash up of a couple classic CrossFit Girl WODS. You’ll see similarities in movement, distance, reps, and weight used. However, instead of this being a task priority workout (movements/reps listed, you complete them as fast as possible), this is a time priority workout where the time domain is set and you need to complete as many rounds/reps in the time given. Today, you have 20 minutes to do as much work as possible. Sometimes a downfall with time priority workouts is that the intensity isn’t the same because you’re not forced to move quickly. Ahhh! But coaches know what to expect from you, and outline expected finish times for each movement (run – 2 min; OHS – 1 min, pull ups – 1 min = 4 min) to give you an idea of how many rounds you should shoot for in a given workout. With that said, think about how quickly you can overhead squat that weight, and how quickly you can do that many pull ups no matter how you scale them. Take a step back now, and look at *how* you might scale the movements – weight over the OHS, sets/reps of OHS and pull ups if you have to break them up, and how much rest you can take to recover enough to keep moving. No matter, everyone should aim for 5 rounds out of the gate. After those first 1 or 2 rounds peek at the clock and see where you’re at – many you’re finishing each round closer to 5 minutes (2 rounds – 10 min), and try to hold that pace for the remainder of the workout. Have a plan, stick to that plan, and adjust as necessary.

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