Strength 1
1 Power clean + 2 Jerks (or split)

Strength 2
Romanian Deadlift (RDL)
3 x 12 AHAP

**Wrapping up the week with some clean and jerks, spending some extra time on the jerks. Reps are low here, so you should be able to put up a decent amount of weight, but keep your form in check. Are you receiving the bar with your arms locked out on the jerk, fully supporting the weight, or are they bent and you have to straighten them before you stand up? Make sure that you’re avoiding this ‘press out’ by consistently locking out the weight at the lighter sets. Form doesn’t change as the weight gets heavier. Master that technique as you add the weight.

The bar should be received with the elbows locked out – in other words, the arms aren’t even totally supporting the load until they’re in a fully locked position. Since we’re doing power snatches, our butt will stay above parallel. After

A great chance to practice doing split jerks as well if you haven’t put in some dedicated time on that movement in the past.

Wrapping up the day with some RDLs which we haven’t seen on the schedule in while. Get those booty gainz!

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