Skill Work
Handstand push ups
EMOM x 12
1. Hollow Hold or (hollow hold progressions)
2. Inversion hold – against the wall, feet on a box (add in shoulder taps), or free standing.
3. Handstand push ups – strict or kipping, HSPU off a box, downward dog position, or seated press.

12 min AMRAP
15 KB Swings (53/35)
12 Weighted box step ups (24/20)
9 Push ups

**Another skill day, and we’ve got handstand push ups again. Hopefully you’ve seen some progress over the last few months as this particular movement is making its 5th appearance. Each time we work on finding a hollow position, getting inverted, and pressing. There are a number of variations that can be done with each movement, so work with your coach to find out what is best for you and your training.

The workout has us pushing again, but horizontally. Swings should be unbroken at this weight, and American if possible. Step ups should move a little faster this time, since we only have 1 weight (KB) to hold. I see a few people getting upwards to 8 rounds on this workout – 90 seconds/rounds – so there’s a decent amount of volume, but at a low weight. How fast can you go?

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