2-KB/DB Strict press
3 x 8 with 3 sec negative

4 DB Squat cleans
8 DB Push press
16 Air squats
24 Sit ups

Rx – 50/35

**Lower body push to an upper body push day for strength. Bringing back the double KB/DB movement, but dropping the reps, so hopefully you can eek out a few more pounds this week. Even though this is strict pressing, the lower half is still working to stabilize the upper half so it can do its thang. So make sure everything from your toes to your butt to your belly are squeezing hard to create a stable base.

Keeping the DBs out for some cleans (squat) and presses (push). On the latter you can use your legs, but they might get toasted from the cleans and air squats that follow. The reps are low, so you should be able to knock those out fairly quickly. A five-round workout looks intimidating, but keep plugging away, and aim to finish each round under 3 minutes. Up for the challenge? Let’s see what you’ve got!

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