Skill Work
Toes to bar
EMOM x 12
1. Seated pike leg lifts, or Hip hurdles
2. Arch to hollow swings and banded hollow lat pull downs – alternating each round
3. Toes to bar progressions
** So many options! 30 sec active/hollow hold hang, or lat pull ups/kipping lever, finally kipping knee raises, toes to a target (chest high), and full toes to bar.


Double unders
Sit ups

^12 min time cap

**We’ve been building up to this moment for awhile with workouts including double unders and sit ups separately. Now let’s combine them as a benchmark workout with 150 reps each. We got in some practice earlier this week with the lateral bar (or mat lines) hops, and we’ll start off the class with some toes to bar (core) skill work. This is a great opportunity to put your double under practice to use even if it’s rounds of 25-20-15-10-5, or even 10-8-6-4-2. Take what you did last time and improve on it.

Compare to 10/16/20

Also check out the board pics from back in the day. This includes times from when we did “Annie” on 6/26/19, 10/11/18, 1/3/18, 4/7/17.