Push press
Heavy 5

Strict press*
Lunges (unweighted)
Push press*
Weighted lunges*

*Both presses and weighted lunges at 50-60% of your strength
*Lunges can be forwards or backwards; recommended you do one version forwards and the other backwards

**Oh, hai, push press! Feels like I just saw you the other day.. fancy that to see you back so soon. That’s how we roll.

As noted at the bottom of the workout, we’ll use a percentage of your strength for the workout. The range is due to a number of factors including how many times you’ve been in the gym (fatigued vs rested), if you’ve recovered from previous workouts (had at least two complete days off in the last 10 days?), and how much you can strict press and lunge. The tabata method is 20 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated for 8 rounds, so it’s a very quick and intense workout. Manage the muscle fatigue and you will do well with this workout.

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