Strength 1
EMOM x 12
3 Position power cleans# x 2
*Increase weight on rounds 5 and 9
#Above the knees, below the knees, from the ground

Strength 2
Pause push jerks
5 x 3

Super set
1-arm DB high pull
5 x 8/arm

**I know this can be a bit confusing sometimes. For Strength #1, we’ll warm up a bit to learn the positions and get some weight on the bar. When the clock starts, you’ll do 3 cleans – one each above the knees, below the knees, and from the ground. And since it says x 2, you’ll do it again. You’ll rest the remaining of the minute. Before the start of round 5 and again before round 9, you’ll add a little more weight to the bar. So you’ll have 3 total weights on the bar. You’ll do 6 total reps each minute. This isn’t ‘build to a heavy complex’, but learn to get hip extension and get under the bar fast.

Similar with the pause push jerks – hip extension. Get the bar up and off your shoulders, then quickly get under the bar. As shown in the video, you’ll pause in 2 places – both dips. We’ll stay at the same weight here, working for 5 sets and doing 3 reps each set, after building up to a comfortable weight. Be aware of your elbow/front rack position on the first dip. And be aware of your elbows – locking out! – on the second dip. If they’re dropping or not locking out, lower the weight and work on correcting these positions.