20 min AMRAP
100m KB Suitcase carry (1-53/35)
3 Wall walks — (a few optional progressions
6 C2B pull upsscaling options
12 Pistols (6/leg, alternating)

**Taking the weighted work we did yesterday and going for a walk with a kettlebell. Then seeing how those triceps feel after Tuesday’s bench press and if they can hold you when you’re upside down on a few wall walls. If your arms are still working, let’s see if they can get your chest up to the pull up bar. And then end each round with some single-leg squats, 6 each leg, as a follow up to Monday’s weighted lunges. Put this all together and repeat it as many times as you can in 20 minutes. Yes, there are multiple challenging movements here for your grip and gymnastics skill, and it can be easy to get frustrated. If it seems overwhelming or you find yourself saying ‘I can’t’.. pick one movement to really dominate. For example, you’ve been crushing it on the pistol work and improving your ankle mobility, or you’re getting more comfortable being upside down. Try to go a little deeper on the pistols – butt to an 18″ v 20″ box – or walk your hands to about 6″ from the wall each time. Put what you’ve been practicing to use, and see how far you go.