Bench press
5 x 3, 31×1 tempo

5 Devils press + Push press (45/30)
10 Weighted box step overs (24/20)

**Working on control with the bench press. Give the sternum a little kiss with the barbell before pressing up. Work on controlling the descent. As with back squats, 3 seconds down, hold for one second, then return to the top, and hold for 1 second at the top. Control throughout the movement.

Legs don’t get much of a break after yesterday’s lunges as they have some step up and overs to do. Total steps! So over and back counts as 2 reps. Phew! Use the same weight for the DP/PP as you do for the box step overs. What’s a Devils Press + Push press? Immediately after completing a Devils Press (double dummbbell burpee + power snatch), you’ll return the weights to your shoulders and pop them back overhead with a quick dip of the knees and opening of the hips to drive the weight up. Choose a weight that you can cycle, so the transition is seamless and, with no pausing overhead or at the shoulders. It’s gonna be tough!