Strength 1
Heavy 5

Strength 2
Weighted pull ups


3 x ME (max effort)


15 min strict pull up work
^Bands, negatives, DB rows, strict ring rows, etc

Optional cashout/accessory work

ME hollow hold
ME arch hold
*rest as needed between movements, rounds

**Double strength day — great way to end the week. Slow this down a bit, but we’ve still got a lot of work to do today. A couple pulling movements – lower and upper. It might be a bit misleading to call a deadlift a ‘pull’ movement.. think of it more as PRYING the barbell off the ground. Grab the barbell, push your feet into the ground, squeeze your lats (like someone is trying to tickle your armpits so you need to ‘close the gap’), and try not to poop yourself as you squeeze your butt cheeks and pick the bar off the ground. Yes, folks, they pay me to write this stuff. 😉 Also seeing who’s reading this drivel. Then set it down (don’t bounce it! you did plenty of that Wednesday) and pick it up 4 more times. Simple.

Latter part of the class gets you doing some actual pulling of your body vertically. Spend some time with weight, without, or just working on your strict pull ups. The cashout core work is vital for body control on pull ups. Give it a try!

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