Double unders
OTB Burpees
Barbell complex* (115/75)

*1 rep each – Power clean, Hang squat clean, S2OH, Thruster

++Workout is completed as 100 double unders, 50 burpees over the bar, 10 barbell complex; 80 double unders, 40 burpees over the bar, 8 barbell complex… etc.. last round is 20 double unders, 10 burpees over the bar, 2 barbell complexes.

**Another doozy of a long workout this week. Expect this to take 30 min, 35 cap if your coach is generous 😉 ##Speaking of coaches, I’ll be at the 10am class, so I suffer along with y’all!## This isn’t a day to learn double unders, so scale to 50-40-30-20-10, or even 25-20-15-10-5. Going by time? 2 min, 90 sec, 1 min, 40 sec, 20 sec of attempts.. cool? Single unders your jam? 2x the reps.. get after it.

There are other ways to scale this workout based on reps and weight. Instead of planning on breaking it down, look at it as a whole, and find a movement that’s your strength. Maybe you’re still learning double unders, but you have really solid single unders. Or you can string together 10 burpees at a time fairly quickly. And after Wednesday’s long workout, you’re feeling more confident about your rack position on thrusters. Take a few minutes to build yourself up before going into this workout.