Back squat
Heavy 5
*If you didn’t squat on Monday, build to a heavy 8.


12 min AMRAP
7 Box jumps (30/24)
14 KB Swings (70/53)

**Solid week so far! I’m sure you might be feeling the pull ups and jerks from yesterday, and possibly the squats from Monday and wall balls on Tuesday. Never fear! There’s always more squats to get you over the soreness of previous squats. As noted above, if you squatted Monday build to 5; if you didn’t squat Monday, you’re building to a heavy 8.

Workout is bringing back last Thursday’s higher box jumps, but nixing the other two movements. Take care of your paws from the pull ups Wednesday so you can hold onto the kettlebell. I’ve linked the video to American (overhead) KB swings for a reason. We have been doing 70/53 weighted swings fairly frequently, and I believe this movement is doable for many of our members. The priority, though, is the weight. If can swing 35/26 overhead, try 53 or 44/35 to shoulder height. Proficiency is key before jacking up the weight and intensity (height) of the movement. This is an easy one to sprint out of the gates on, so just try to stay consistent the entire 12 minutes.

Daily Read/Listen
“Be Your Own Story” – Toni Morrison
*Commencement address, Wellesley College – 2004